Thursday, November 11, 2010

The farmers' right in the U.S history

The topic is about the farmers' right in the U.S history.

Striking farmers

    In 1983 the International Undertaking on Plant Gebetic Resources was adopted at the FAO conference, which is the supreme governing body of the organization.There was, however, as yet no documented mention of Farmers' Rights.
    Later on, in 1995, the mandate of the Commission was broadened to cover all components of agrobiodiversity of relevance to food and agriculture (Resolution 3/95, Twenty-eighth Session of the FAO Conference, Rome, 1995).
    In March 1985, at this session there was still no documented mention of Farmers' Rights.However, the Commission noted that 74 of the 156 FAO member nations had expressed support for the Undertaking.It was in this Working Group that Farmers' Rights were first addressed in the FAO system, but that did not come until 1986.
    On the basis of the discussion in the Working Group on how to deal with country reservations to the Undertaking and attract greater adherence, a report was produced for the Second Session of the Commission on Plant Genetic Resources, to be held in Rome in March 1987:
    Farmers' Rights were addressed in greater detail, so these parts of the report from the meeting constitute an important basis for understanding the history of this concept in March 1987.

picture source: from Picturing U.S History

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